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Operated by Southern Gravel

Oxted Quarry History

Over 100 years of chalk extraction

Chalk extraction at Oxted has occurred for well over 100 years. Extraction was undertaken initially on a very small scale but in the mid 19th century operations expanded and a number of lime kilns were developed.

The quarry expanded when the Oxted Greystone Lime Company Limited was formed and connected the quarry to the London, Brighton and South Coast Railway via a private freight siding in the 1880s. Additional lime kilns were developed and extraction increased. The Oxted Greystone Lime Company acquired the Dorking Greystone Lime Company Limited and the Betchworth Limeworks and Glynde Limeworks in Sussex in the mid 20th century.

Aerial view of Oxted Quarry c1960 showing major chalk excavations progressing into the south facing scarp slope. All rights reserved.

An extensive crushing and screening plant was installed and a hydrating plant operated until 1989. The railway continued to operate until the 1940s. The photos shown are of the Oxted site taken around 1960 and show major chalk excavations progressing into the south facing scarp slope, extensive kilns and buildings and the rail connection to the main London line.

Kilns and other buildings at Oxted Quarry c1960. All rights reserved.

Since 2005 the site has been owned by the Oxted Greystone Company and operated by Southern Gravel. Extensive chalk excavation continues, mainly for agricultural use but also as a general fill material.

Lime kilns and other buildings in use at Oxted Quarry c1960. All rights reserved.

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