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Operated by Southern Gravel

Oxted Quarry site rules

Any breach of these rules may result in a permanent ban from the quarry

On site

  • Anyone entering must be wearing steel toe capped boots or shoes, high visibility jacket or vest and a hard hat must be worn when leaving the vehicle.
  • Drivers must report to ‘IN’ weighbridge before entering the site. Our staff will direct you.
  • STAY IN YOUR VEHICLE on both weighbridges. Our staff will direct you.
  • Lorries must be inspected and weighed and a ‘duty of care note’, correctly completed must be handed to the weighbridge staff.
  • Before exiting drivers must collect a receipt for tipping, or ticket if collecting material.
  • Drivers must follow the instruction of weighbridge operator or banks man at all times.
  • Lorries are only permitted in areas directed by weighbridge operator or banks man.
  • Drivers MUST NOT raise their sheet while the lorry is moving. Sheets must be raised when lorry is stationery on the weighbridge.
  • Drivers must not mount lorry to remove sheets/covers. These must be removable from ground or cab level.
  • It is the responsibility of the driver to ensure the lorry tyres are free from debris (bricks/stones) before leaving the site.
  • 5mph speed limit on site.
  • No lorry to enter before 7:30am.

HGVs approaching and leaving the quarry (see map below)

  • APPROACH FROM THE SOUTHWEST via Barrow Green Road and Chalkpit Lane.
  • TURN RIGHT WHEN EXITING, stay on Chalkpit Lane and turn left onto Barrow Green Road, continuing to Church Lane and East Hill Road to reach the A25.
  • Do not park or wait on Barrow Green Road or Chalkpit Lane.
  • 20mph speed limit on Chalkpit Lane

See the approach/exit route on Google Maps