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Operated by Southern Gravel

Inert Landfill at Oxted Quarry, Surrey

Southern Gravel was granted a Pollution Prevention and Control Regulations Permit in 2007 for Oxted Quarry, allowing us to tip solely inert waste (EWC code 17-05-04) in our facility.

We have a deep commitment to protecting the health of the local environment and ensuring that the local communities are not adversely impacted by the activities of our landfill site. To this end, we operate to an exacting standard of care, being fully compliant with Pollution Prevention and Control regulations.

Any material that is approved to enter the site must comply with the required threshold for Inert material, and we thoroughly investigate all sources of material before they are accepted. This is in the form of site visits, as well as paperwork including but not limited to two-stage Waste Acceptance Criteria testing, asbestos screening, borehole logs and soil reports.

For legal compliance, all movements into and out of our landfill site are weighed in and out on a set of electronic weighbridges, which are annually calibrated in compliance with the Weights and Measures Act 1985 to ensure the veracity of the readings taken.